It's very easy! Please click "Advertise" on and create a new account. If you have your own website you can fill 'www' field, but it is not necessary. You will receive confirmation from us with your login details. After logging into to your account, to make your new ad just click button "New advert". You can find all information about type of adverts, payment options etc. after logging into your account.
Using one account you can make as many adverts as you wish. For each advert we have special form to contact by email between visitor and escort. All emails from visitors will be send to the email address that you chose for your account.
All paid ads are visible on the first page but premium star adverts are always displayed higher then standard.
On the top of the main page you can see "Top Rows". This is the place for SPOTS only. To read more about SPOTS move to "Auctions for Adverts in Top Rows" section of FAQ.
On the top of mainpage you can see "Top Rows". This is the place for "Spots" (see previous question). If you already made at least 1 payment and you want to have access to Top Rows auctions, please contact us ( [email protected] )
To move your adverts to the top of the page, click the "bump your ads up!" button. This will move your ads to the top immediately.
Yes, you can! If you are leaving Sydney for a few days, click on the on/off switch beside your Advert on the Manage My Adverts page. This will suspend your Ad until you decide to turn in back on again, without losing any Advert visibility days. Note: You can't suspend Spots, only replace Ads on them.
Unfortunately every Advert is assigned to a website and we can't move adverts from one site to another. If you'd like to display the same Advert on different sites you need to create it on both of them.

Photo Verification

First you need to log into your account. Then click "Verify" next to the advert you want to verify. Now you can upload your picture (or a picture of a person from the advert). Person in the picture should be holding piece of paper with current date and "I love Mike" text. You can take the picture with a cell phone. If you don't know how to take a picture of yourself, please use bathroom mirror;)
We won't use your verification pictures anywhere on the website! We respect your privacy.
You can't verify adverts using pictures found on Internet. We will check it!
If you have standard or premium star advert, your ad will be higher on mainpage after verification. Also Verified adverts are visible on Moreover, many visitors only contact verified companions.
We don't verify adverts if person in the verification picture looks different (is not the same person) than in the pictures uploaded to the advert. We will neither verify an advert if the person holds an outdated paper sheet.

Contact Us

If you cannot find answers to your questions here, contact us by email - [email protected] or through a contact form from within your user panel.